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Are you looking for the best keyword tool for free to use? I know that when you are new to affiliate marketing it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what keyword tool to use. Especially since the majority of keyword tools out there cost a pretty penny to use.

Link To Use Jaaxy For Free

The keyword tool that is my favorite is one The Best Keyword Tool For Freecalled Jaaxy. This is the keyword tool that I use all the time because of the great features that are built into it. Jaaxy is a keyword suite that creates efficiency in keyword research. When you have efficiency in your keyword research, you have more time on your hands to write and publish your posts.

I have provided a link to Jaaxy below so you can try it out for yourself.

When you are finished, just hit the back button to return to this page.

If you are new to keyword research or are trying to figure out the data that Jaaxy has provided you, here are the columns in your Jaaxy account that you should close pay attention to. All the parameters listed below need to be taken into consideration before you settle on the final keywords that your post will be written around:

Monthly Searches

This is the average number of searches made every month using the exact keywords you typed in. For someone starting out in affiliate marketing and are trying to grow their presence organically, any number between 50 to 100 is a good number to start with.

When you target the monthly search numbers of between 50 to 100, you will notice that your organic page views will steadily increase every month because your web page is more likely to be ranked within the first three pages. The monthly search numbers that are higher than a hundred tend to have more competition and so your chances of ranking on the first few pages are diminished.

However, if the monthly searches are above 100 but the QSR is very low (like around 10), your chances of ranking on the first page is increased.

KQI (Keyword Quality Index)

The KQI informs you about the keyword quality of your chosen keywords. This is vitally important if you are going to promote your website or web post on any marketing campaign (such as a Pay Per Click campaign). Through this index, you will have a quick way to determine if your keywords are on the mark.

QSR (Quoted Search Results)

This is the most important number to review. The QSR gathers information from all the search engines and will tell you the number of competing pages using that exact same keyword phrase. Aim for a QSR under 100 if you have a new website. Aim for a QSR under 200 if your website has been around for a while. The lower the QSR number, the better.

Now this was just a quick overview. There are many more columns in Jaaxy with a lot more information provided to you to help in choosing the best keywords for your posts.

Jaaxy Video Training

For more thorough training on how to use Jaaxy to give your website a competitive edge, I have provided a Jaaxy training video below.

And that’s it!

I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any questions regarding keyword research or Jaaxy, please leave your question below and I will be glad to answer you.

Have a great day!


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Ramona is an entrepreneur, blogger and affiliate marketer. She is also a proud member of the Baby Boomer Generation. When she is not blogging, you will find Ramona either gardening or quilting.

2 Replies to “The Best Keyword Tool For Free – Jaaxy”

  1. Hi Ramona, thanks for posting about Jaaxy. I have used Jaaxy myself and I agree it is an excellent tool. Even when I was starting out (and had zero knowledge) I found Jaaxy very user friendly. And the video by Kyle is an excellent one to help get people up and running.
    I hope others get as much value from it as I do.

    1. Hi Melissa:

      Thanks for your comment. I know that when someone tries Jaaxy, they will see how much it will add to their research when they are looking for keywords that rank.

      Have a great day!


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