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Today, I want to talk about my website builder. This is a very short article but I wanted to share this information with anyone who is looking for ways to reduce the amount of time that it is taking for them to write their own content for their websites.

Quality Content Is Key To A Successful Website

My Website BuilderOne of the fundamental rules in creating a robust website is that websites need a lot of quality content. When I create content on my websites, the more time saving tools I have at my disposal, the more quality content I can publish online within a short period of time.

My very favorite time saving tool is a content creation tool called SiteContent. It is part of the SiteRubix platform available to all Wealthy Affiliate members. SiteContent integrates seamlessly into WordPress. Check out the short video showing what SiteRubix is:

Setting Goals

One of the features of SiteContent includes setting a word count goal. Having a word count goal is a great motivator for me as I can see how far along I am towards reaching my word count goal as I write my article. Typically, I set my word count goal at 1500 words per article. For this particular article, I knew it was going to be a short one so I set my goal at 500 words. When I use the 1500 word count goal, I find that it encourages me to explain deeper concepts in greater detail.

SiteContent also has an option for me to set publishing article goals. For instance, currently, I have set my goal to complete 10 articles within the next 14 days. As I write my articles and publish them, SiteContent acknowledges the completed published articles and shows me on a percentage pie chart how far along I am towards completing my goal.

Templates Are A Big Time Saver

SiteContent has preset templates that I can use as a framework for my articles. If the template does not fit in with the style of writing that I do, I can also create my own templates. SiteContent stores these templates in the system where I can pull up any template whenever I need it. Most of my articles are written without a template as I am more of a freestyle writer. It is nice to have the template option however.

The Work Has Been Taken Out Of Inserting Images

The feature that I absolutely love is the feature where I can choose and insert pictures into my article prior to publishing. There is a little image icon on the toolbar that when I click on the icon, it takes me to where I can search over 1 million free images. I then have the option of choosing one or more of those images to insert into my article. It also gives me the option to manually add my own images if I wanted to do that.

Quality Assurance

Once my content is written and prior to publishing, I can run a spelling, grammar, readability and punctuation check. This ensures that my articles are always professional looking.

When my article is ready to be published through WordPress, the tool automatically does a check for duplicated content online and gives me a warning if the article has duplicate content. This is a great tool to have in keeping Google happy with my website. It also gives me the option to either publish my article as a post or as a page into WordPress, eliminating one further step in the publishing process.

Where To Get SiteContent

Any person can use SiteContent for free through Wealthy Affiliate. If you click here, you can read my complete review on Wealthy Affiliate.

My Recommendation

In conclusion, SiteContent is a great tool to use for anyone who is looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to produce quality content on their website. I am very pleased with the easy functionality of this tool and I would recommend SiteContent to anyone who is serious about maintaining quality on their website.


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Ramona is an entrepreneur, blogger and affiliate marketer. She is also a proud member of the Baby Boomer Generation. When she is not blogging, you will find Ramona either gardening or quilting.

2 Replies to “My Website Builder”

  1. Hello RamonaLD,

    Thank you for the helpful tips on how to build a website and how to create quality content with a tool provided by wealthy affiliate.

    I decided to give to try it out and SiteContent is definitely going to save you a lot of time and makes your post more professional since it checks for grammatical errors.


    1. Hi Erik:

      If you haven’t checked into it yet, make sure you take advantage of the goal setting section in SiteContent. Because affiliate marketers don’t have a boss pushing them towards getting things done in a timely manner, the goal setting section is a handy tool to have so that you can keep yourself on track.



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