Making Money From Clickbank – A Product Review

Are people Making Money from ClickBank? Is ClickBank a good company to promote products through? Today’s review will be covering this very topic so I am going to dive right in.

Name: ClickBank
Price: Free – $47 a month US. More if you add ClickBank Builder.
Owners: Keynetics Inc.
My Review’s Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


Making Money From ClickBank


ClickBank is owned by Keynetics Inc. which is one of Idaho’s largest privately owned technology company. It was founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber.

This company has generated over 3 billion dollars for its members since its inception.

You can join ClickBank for free as either an affiliate or as a vendor. As an affiliate, you sell digital products offered by vendors for a commission. The digital products can be text, audio or video.

The vendors are the members that have created the digital products and set the price for the sale of their products. The customers can receive the products online right away or they can order a physical version of the product (such as a CD).



Anyone can join ClickBank for free. Saying that, if a person wanted to navigate through ClickBank’s marketing either as a vendor or as an affiliate with some guidance, there is a price.

Once a person signs up as a member, they are introduced to the option of joining ClickBank University 2.0. To join ClickBank University, it costs $47 US with a 30-day money back guarantee.

After joining ClickBank University, a member then learns that there will be a $47 monthly charge every month if they wanted to continue with learning about Internet Marketing through the ClickBank University.

Once a person is a member of ClickBank University, they are then given the option of taking advantage of ClickBank Builder 2.0.

ClickBank Builder is a website builder and page builder. These are essential tools for someone with little technical skill who needs to build sales landing pages quickly. The cost for ClickBank Builder is two payments of $297 US. One payment required immediately upon joining and the second payment required in 30 days.

If a member declines the initial offer to access ClickBank Builder, they are then offered another option of 7 monthly payments of $97 US with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Tools And Training – ClickBank University 2.0

TheClickBank University for affiliates is well laid out and professionally done. They go through the training step by step and it is easy for a newcomer in affiliate marketing to follow along. Topics for affiliates include:


TheClickBank University affiliate training is 8 weeks in length and the vendor training is 12 weeks in length.

There are bi-weekly expert classes, a ClickBank toolkit and traffic center and discounts on favorite tools for a ClickBank University member (yes, more money).

The ClickBank Builder platform education is well laid out and lessons are in video format. The learner will need to use either Google Chrome or Firefox to view the lessons as the videos do not open in Internet Explorer.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

  • ClickBank has a solid reputation as a leader in the digital market
  • ClickBank boasts over 1000 members becoming millionaires through promoting digital products
  • Members always receive their payments on time from ClickBank
  • Anyone can register
  • Lots of digital products to promote
  • Promotion of the products is totally up to the member
  • There is support through forums and ClickBank’s community
  • The training program is thorough

The Bad

  • Some of the digital products available are not high quality. The member will need to review the products they want to promote closely
  • As a result of the poor products, there is a high refund rate. Clickbank does offer a 60-day money back guarantee for its customers and this does affect the bottom line of the affiliates and vendors
  • Initial cost of taking advantage of Clickbank’s training and builder platform is quite high.
  • If a customer asks for a refund for any of the products offered by ClickBank, it is common practice for ClickBank to initiate the refund ticket, then a day later change it to a technical support ticket so that the vendor can try and convince the customer to keep the product. Be aware that  if the customer does not contact ClickBank to confirm that they still want a refund, the refund will not go through.
  • After a customer requests a refund for a second time, it takes on average five business days for the refund to be completed.

My Final Opinion of ClickBank

Joining ClickBank and accessing its training program and web tools is not for the faint of heart. This is because of the cost involved and the need to review the digital products closely.

I would recommend that only if a person is willing to spend many hours in working through the learning system supplied by ClickBank University 2.0 and applying what they have been taught, then, and only then will the cost be worth it.

If an affiliate marketer is only doing a “kick of the can”, then they should join only as a free member.

Because ClickBank has a practice of trying to change a customer’s request for refund back into a sale, affiliate marketers promoting ClickBank products, may experience a negative backlash.

My advice for Affiliate Marketers is to proceed with caution.

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8 Replies to “Making Money From Clickbank – A Product Review”

  1. This is a very thorough review of Clickbank, and sets out all the pros and cons so as to enable a prospective purchaser to identify if this course of action, and the financial commitment involved is for them.

  2. As a newcomer to affiliate marketing there seems to be a divided opinion as to join Clickbank. On one hand they clearly sell a lot of product and pay their affiliate on time ( always a good thing) on the other their product range quality is questionable and the price quite high just to learn how to use the program.
    Would you say this is better used a second or third sting in monetizing ones website
    Thanks Geoff

    1. Hi Geoff:

      In my opinion, it is more advantageous for an affiliate marketer to promote ClickBank products as a secondary stream of income. I would strongly suggest that the product promoted be thoroughly investigated by the marketer prior to promoting it to ensure that the quality of the product is up to par.


  3. Thank you for this review of Clickbank. I do think it’s great to use some of their products to promote, but it sounds like their University is quite pricey. It sounds like a similar service as Wealthy Affiliate, but WA is more cost effective and has all step-by-step training. I think I’d pick WA over Clickbank for education and training.

    1. I agree Christina. From a cost effectiveness, it makes more sense to go through the Wealthy Affiliate training. Saying that however, the ClickBank training appears to be thorough. More suited to someone who is already established in affiliate marketing and has disposable income.


  4. Your review of Clickbank is quite an eye opener as I did not know that they offered these types of training, nor did I know that they routinely ignored a customer’s initial request for a refund. I have a high regard for my customers and would not want to put them through that. I guess you can try to avoid refunds by closely assessing the product. Thanks for this thorough review.

    1. I think that the reason why they may have implemented the custom of not immediately processing refunds could be because the request for refund ratio is quite high.

      Thank you for your comment!


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