How To Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

So you want to learn how to make money online. If you are a beginner, you have come to the right place. An affiliate marketer can make a very comfortable living by promoting products from such companies as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy.

As the middle man, you will not have to stock inventory or ship products. You will only need a website where people will shop for products and when they buy a product from your website, you earn a commission.

Let’s get started.

How To Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

All of us are marketers in one way or another. To prove it, try this little experiment. If you are on Facebook, you probably have a number of people following you. What you will need to do for this experiment is sign up for an Amazon Associate Account. It is free to join.

You will need to answer a few questions when you sign up. One of the questions will be whether you have a website. If you don’t currently have a website, you can put in the URL of your Facebook page.

Once you have signed up, pick a book that you have read that has really impressed you. Make sure that the book you read is sold on Amazon.

For example, here is a screenshot of a book that is sold on Amazon. I am in my Amazon Associate account here

How To Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Now Here Is Where The Magic Begins

Do you see on the upper left hand corner of the Amazon Affiliate site where it says Amazon Associates Site Strip? If you look at that strip you will see where it says share and there is a Facebook icon and a Twitter icon.

Click on the Facebook icon.

A Page Will Pop Up That Looks Like This

Amazon Post On Facebook

In that popup, write about why you love the book and why you would recommend it. Then hit the button that says “Post to Facebook”.

Within 24 hours, approximately 90% of the people who do this will have sold something on Amazon. The sale will most likely be the book or it could be something else that caught the readers eye when they were navigating in Amazon.

It is as easy as that to make a sale and start earning commission. And that is what affiliate marketing is all about.

Now, that was just a small experiment. If a person would post to their Facebook page like this often, the effect will wear off pretty quickly. The commissions would be small and it would be unsustainable over the long term.

There are countless ways to earn good sustainable income online by developing and monetizing websites. There are a number of companies out there that offer excellent affiliate marketing training for beginners to learn how to do this.

I have done reviews on some of these companies. If you want to read my reviews on them, just click on the links:

“Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough”

“AWOL Academy”

“Internet Jetset”

Now those are the companies where it costs a small kings ransom to get affiliate marketing training.

The company that I personally recommend for training and support is Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, click here.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can join for free (no credit card needed) and you can start learning about Affiliate Marketing right away. If after taking the introductory course, you decide that it is not for you, you have lost nothing.

If you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is where you want to pursue further education and support, you can sign up as a premium member. And you will find that it will cost you no more than a dinner for two at a nice restaurant.

I hope I have given you some useful information on affiliate marketing. If you have any questions in regards to affiliate marketing, please leave them in the comment section below.

Have a great day!




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Ramona is an entrepreneur, blogger and affiliate marketer. She is also a proud member of the Baby Boomer Generation. When she is not blogging, you will find Ramona either gardening or quilting.

2 Replies to “How To Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners”

  1. Hi Ramona,

    Thank you for the info about how you can share a book that’s on Amazon with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. I’ve never done that before.

    Instead, I usually write book reviews on my blog and share those on my Facebook pages. Sharing directly from Amazon would be quicker, or perhaps I should do both, one a few days after the other.

    I think it is best for people who want to get started with online affiliate marketing to train themselves properly from the beginning.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago and I agree that the training is excellent and the resources are astonishing. I wish I’d found WA a few years earlier!

    All the best,

    David Hurley

    1. Thank you David for your comment. I think that little tool that Amazon has is pretty cool.

      I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing business!


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