What Is Social Media For Business

A Quick Overview

In this post, I am going to give a quick overview on social media for business. Whether a business is the bricks and mortar variety or an online business, savvy business owners’ realize the importance of social media marketing.

Social Media For Business


Social Media Marketing For An Online Business

Social Media Marketing is marketing an online business on social media platforms in order to gain traffic or gain attention about the business.

Why Do Internet Marketers’ Use Social Media?

Internet marketers’ use social media to:

  • Drive traffic to their websites
  • Develop the means to engage with their audience or customers
  • Be updated on what others are talking about in their particular niche
  • Identify trends in their industry
  • Let their readers know that there is a real person behind their website
  • Share posts that appear on their website

Social Media Is The Digital Worlds’ Coffee Shop

Think of social marketing being like the digital worlds’ coffee shop where people gather to socialize a bit and pass information to each other. The friendlier and more social the coffee shop (I mean website) is, the more customers it will have.

One thing that is important to remember in this coffee shop is that communication is a two-way street.

If an internet marketer just keeps posting content out on social media channels without actively engaging its readers in conversation, their marketing strategy will be ineffective.


How Social Media Is Used

  • Through social media, you can build stronger relationships with your existing customers.
  • You can promote your business and tell your readers and customers what you offer.
  • You can attract new readers or followers
  • You find out what your readers think about your website and your product

Common Social Media Platforms

The most common social media buttons that bloggers put on their website are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Google+

Let’s briefly touch on these social mediums one by one.



An internet marketer can create a Facebook page to showcase their internet business. That page will allow the marketer to write about what is happening in their business.

They can post pictures or videos or links to a marketers’ website. People can then “Like” the page, “Follow” the marketer or Comment on the page.

This is an excellent platform to engage with readers.



Twitter allows the internet marketer to promote their posts or pages through 140 character messages called tweets. These tweets then go out to the timelines of the marketers followers.

Tweets typically contain a short text message, a hashtag, a photo or links to a website. Followers can “retweet” the original tweet and/or leave comments.



Instagram can be used by internet marketers’ to reach their customers and readers through the sharing of pictures (often taken through a smartphone). A brief message can be added to the picture. This form of marketing promotes the human side of the internet marketer’s website. People are more inclined to follow an internet marketer who is ” a real human being”.



Reddit is a social website where registered members can post their website content or articles. Other Reddit registered members then rate the content through voting and discuss the content.

The results of the voting system on Reddit is called Karma. The higher the Karma, the more popular the post is and the post will receive more exposure to other Reddit users.




Pinterest uses “Pins” to bookmark sites that Pinterest readers are interested in. A Pin is simply any image or video that someone chooses to save to their Pinterest page. The Pin has a link to the original source which can be either an internet post or page.

What this means for the internet marketer is that the page is marked by the pinner for review anytime the pinner wants to return to the post. It encourages return visits.

Followers of the Pinner can also Pin the image if it is something that they are also interested in.

Pinterest, if used correctly, can be a great source of referral traffic to a target website.



StumbleUpon connect web surfers that have a common interest. These web surfers rate web posts that appears on their StumbleUpon page. The more positive recommendations a web post receives from a peer, the more likely it will be stumbled upon by another peer.

The recommendation system utilizes a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” icon. Peers can also leave comments on the review section of the page they are ranking.


Google+ is Google’s social platform. It did at one time give a substantial benefit in search engine optimization to those website owners’ who linked their websites through that platform. Google has since changed its algorithm to level the playing so that the website owners that don’t have Google+ are not penalized for not using that platform.

Despite the change it is still beneficial for any business to to use Google+ as part of a social marketing campaign. It is a great place to interact with readers that follow your site.

Social Media Etiquette


Learn More Through Community Participation

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