What The Difference Is Between A Website And A Blog

Today, I will describe the difference between a website and a blog. Many people new to the affiliate marketing world are not sure what the differences are and so this post should clear up any confusion.

What Is The Difference Between A Website And A Blog

Before I discuss the differences between the two, I’ll share a list of what the similarities are.

Similarities Between A Website And A Blog

  • Both websites and blogs reside on the internet. In other words, they both have an online presence.
  • They both relay information to the reader.
  • They both have domain names
  • They may both share their content through social media links
  • They both have links to contact information
  • They both have text, images and videos to share with the reader.

Now that you know what the similarities are, I will describe the differences.

Blog Characteristics

  • A blog consists of posts in chronological order
  • Blogs get new, updated posts on a regular basis
  • Blogs are interactive in that they encourage readers to leave comments on posts
  • Blog content for the most part is educational and informative
  • It is casual in its format
  • Blogs are similar to a diary or journal
  • Blogs have more posts than pages
  • Blogs may or may not be monetized for the author to make money

Ready for some trivia? The word “Blog” evolved as an abbreviated version of “Web Log”

Some well-known examples of blogs include Huffington Post and TMZ.

The Savvy Retiree is a blog.

Website Characteristics

  • A website is more formal and professional looking
  • Most businesses have websites highlighting their products or services
  • Websites are static, meaning that the pages does not change their appearance often
  • Websites don’t have a comment section for its readers
  • The homepage is geared towards browsing other pages on the website
  • Websites have more pages than posts

Examples of well-known websites include: Netflix, PayPal, EBay,

Some websites can have blogs but the blog content is not the primary content in the website.

Blogs that are added to websites are done mainly to create increased social value for the website.

Should You Start A Website or A Blog


If you have a “Bricks and Mortar” business, then you should have a website. The website can be updated whenever there is something new to report like an upcoming sale, new products, or if you are offering a new service.


If you have expertise in an area and would like to share that expertise with readers, then you should have a blog.

Most blogs are educational for the reader. When you have a blog, be prepared to update your blog frequently. If you don’t update frequently then readers have a tendency to look elsewhere for information.

Be prepared to answer comments on your blog. Engagement with readers is key to making a blog successful.

A successful blog is a blog that can make money for the creator because it gets a lot of traffic.

I hope this post has cleared up any confusion regarding what a blog and what a website is. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you should develop a blog.

Learn More About Blogging

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