Website Keyword Ranking Tool

Are you looking for a keyword ranking tool to help you pick keywords to rank your posts in Google, Bing and Google?

Are you looking for a tool that will monitor where your published posts are ranking in the search engines?

I am going to be showing you one of the best website keyword ranking tool that does all that and more.

What Does This Tool Do?

This tool does the following:

  • It Is A Keyword Research Tool
    • This tool identifies what the keyword search volume is
    • This tool shows the potential traffic volume if your keyword ranks on the first page
    • This tool determines the difficulty of competition on that keyword
  • It Finds Related Keyword Data
    • This tool gives you additional keyword data based on your initial research
  • It Has The “Alphabet Soup” Research Tool Built In
    • This tool automatically utilizes the “Alphabet Soup” method to find unique related keywords
  • It Does SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) Analysis
    • This tool shows result pages for that particular targeted keyword
  • It Has A Site Rank Check Feature
    • This tool shows you how well your website posts rank when you use certain keywords
  • It Shows You Any Domain Availability For Your Keyword
    • An awesome feature for anyone that is looking to sell products in a niche market
  • It Has An Automatic Post Rank Tracking Tool
    • Saves time when tracking your online presence
  • It Has A Keyword Brainstorm Tool
    • Invaluable when looking for new niche markets
  • It Saves Keyword Lists
    • No need to write down the keywords you want to remember

Are you ready to know what the name of this tool is?

The Name Of This Keyword Ranking Tool Is Jaaxy

Website Keyword Ranking Tool

Jaaxy is an extremely powerful keyword and research platform that when used consistently, will bring more organic traffic to your website. When your website has more organic traffic and that site is monetized, you end up with more commission money in your pocket.

Jaaxy also keeps you up to date on the posts that you published online and lets you know on what pages show up in the search engines.

All professional internet marketers use keyword ranking tools to help them get their websites and posts noticed by the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). It is one of the basic tools of their business.

If you want to test drive Jaaxy for free (You get 30 free keyword searches), type in a keyword here:

After you test drive Jaxxy and if you think that it would benefit your business, you have the option of signing up for a Pro or Enterprise account


The Pro Account is ideal for the person who is just starting out in their affiliate marketing business and has just a few websites. The Enterprise Account is for the more established affiliate marketer who is managing many websites.

Using Jaaxy has made it so much easier to get my blog posts rank and it has been absolutely invaluable in my e-commerce websites. It has saved me so much time as well.

If you would like to see a quick demonstration on how to use Jaaxy, watch this short video.


In conclusion, I highly recommend that you try Jaaxy if you are looking for a keyword ranking tool. Jaaxy is a keyword ranking tool and so much more.

If you have tried Jaaxy, leave a comment below telling me what you think about it.