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My name is Ramona and I am the force behind The Savvy Retiree and yes, I am a Baby Boomer. If you are here, it probably means that you are retired, close to retirement age or would like to retire early and still earn a comfortable income. For any of these reasons or a dozen more that has to do with earning substantial income online, rest assured that you have come to the right place.

About The Savvy RetireeRAMONA’S STORY

Here is a bit about me. I am a nurse that has worked for many years in the healthcare field. Getting close to retirement age myself, I took a good look around and saw that there were many people who were making a lot more money than me and they are doing it in their spare time through their computer. Upon investigating this a bit more, I was introduced to the world of Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate marketing is where a person creates a website or blog and writes about what is either near and dear to their hearts or about a topic that they know quite a bit about. Within that website, there would be affiliate links to marketers such as Amazon. If someone visits your site and clicks on an affiliate link and purchases an item, you get some money from that marketer for guiding the purchaser there. That’s all there is to it!



The goal of The Savvy Retiree is simple. To help Baby Boomers learn how to earn money online. Affiliate Marketing works for people who only want to earn a bit of extra money and it also works for those people who want to earn a lot of money. The earning potential is directly based on the time and effort that the individual web page creator puts in.
If you want more information or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Ramona is an entrepreneur, blogger and affiliate marketer. She is also a proud member of the Baby Boomer Generation. When she is not blogging, you will find Ramona either gardening or quilting.

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